An open letter to “Why we all hate your 13.1 Sticker.”

I’ve never reblogged anything here on wordpress, but this is a beautifully written response to someone’s ignorant post about the 13.1 sticker that people put on their cars after completing a half marathon. Not only is Sam’s story inspiring, but her explanations and comebacks to said moron are hilarious. Keep going, Sam. You’re a true inspiration and I’m proud that I know you. 🙂

Working It Out

Today while scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw Hal Higdon’s Marathon post this lovely blog post…

If you haven’t read it yet. I highly suggest you do.
The person’s opinion states that all people who have these 13.1, 26.2, etc. are bragging about the milage they’ve completed in a race. Here’s a piece from the post, that truly makes me laugh…

“You’re only impressing yourself
It would have been enough to have an oval sticker with “RUN” on it, or maybe a picture of a running shoe. Something that simply states, “I enjoy running,” and nobody would have any problems with it. But by putting “13.1″ on the sticker it says that you think that you’re better than everyone else because a) you run and assume others don’t, and b) you run more than other runners. It’s not enough for you to just say you like running, you…

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