Dear Reader,

Alright here’s the thing: if you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know that I am a freshman in college. You’ll also know that college is proving to be hard, despite how much I tried to prepare myself. And you’ll know that because I write for clarity and insight and just as a way for my thoughts to explode and be free, I’ve been posting some pretty sad entries–often at night.

So then I decided I would write happy posts for a while. I can choose to be happy and look at the good things in life. After all, there is so much I have to be thankful and happy about.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Instead of sit here on this gloomy day, ranting about how I’m lazy and unaccomplished and stupid, I’m not going to focus on myself. I’m going to focus on this beautiful world filled with inspiring people and lovely feelings.

Here’s What Makes Me Happy: 

  1. new music
  2. sunrises
  3. good hair days
  4. inspiration kicks
  5. getting mail
  6. hand-written letters
  7. laughing out loud at TV shows at tumblr posts
  8. laughing until it hurts
  9. laughing until you cry
  10. waking up in the middle of a good dream, realizing you have more time to sleep, and getting to finish it
  11. sitting in a clean room
  12. boy bands
  13. payday
  14. compliments
  15. unexpected rhyming
  16. when your handwriting looks really good
  17. eye candy
  18. cancelled classes
  19. finding the perfect gift
  20. making someone laugh
  21. retail therapy
  22. knitting
  23. dreaming the impossible
  24. comments on a post
  25. yogurt parfaits
  26. cute mugs
  27. puppies & babies & other tiny creatures
  28. maps
  29. talking back and forth with a friend: “remember when”
  30. the full moon
  31. breathing in the fresh night air
  32. texts that say “did you make it back okay?”
  33. random acts of kindness
  34. clothes straight from the dryer
  35. laughing at yourself
  36. getting flowers and displaying them in your room
  37. being proud of something you’ve created
  38. supportive friends
  39. libraries
  40. beautiful pictures (future post coming soon)
  41. crushing on someone
  42. late night talks
  43. rain showers and thunderstorms
  44. seeing a cop car on their own driveway surrounded in children’s chalk drawings
  45. blanket forts
  46. oversized sweatshirts
  47. pick-up lines
  48. birthdays
  49. trying not to laugh in a silent room
  50. the promise of a new day

Feel free to share some of your favorite things in the comments or let me know if you make your own happy list! I always find it handy to have just a few of my favorite things in a list like this on hands at all time.  It’s so simple to create and sometimes the impact it can have is unexpectedly huge.



PS: Montana – Youth Lagoon Around 3 minutes in is where I fell in love with this song.