Dear Reader,

Like most of you know, I have a 2015 bucket list of things that I want to accomplish this year and things that are in my control and doable. But I also have a lifetime bucket list of things that may not be possible to complete in 2015 but will hopefully occur at least once in my life.

Well this weekend, one of those things happened to me.

I have always wanted to witness a proposal. I mean, it’s such a big event in a stranger’s life, but it’s so exciting to see! But it’s not like I could ever plan it like, oh I think I’m going to witness someone propose to their significant other today, so it’s always just been on my bucket list and forgotten about until it happened!

My friend and I were walking back to our dorm from the hockey game on Saturday night and this girl comes up to us and says, “Do you guys know where the arch is?”

So we started explaining, but we were pretty close and she had been out all day drinking so we ended up just walking her towards it and she explains, “Yeah my friend’s getting proposed to today.”

WHAT! So Ashley and I freak out about how adorable this is, especially since at Miami the Arch is kind of iconic. Legend has it that if you kiss your significant other at midnight underneath it, you’ll get married and become Miami Mergers.

So this girl keeps talking, saying, “Yeah my friend texted me an hour ago saying ‘I’m going to propose to my girlfriend in like an hour, I’d really like it if you could be there.'” And this poor girl who had been drinking at beat the clock and then broken was now trying to navigate campus in the dark to witness her friends’ proposal!

But we asked her and she said we could absolutely watch if we wanted to, as long as we weren’t right next to them or anything. So we kept a good distance and watched him get down on one knee, freaked out, and then realized he was there alone and was just lighting the candles. And then they kept blowing out, and the girl wasn’t really anywhere to be seen, so we waited five minutes and left.

So okay, I didn’t witness the actual proposal, but I probably would have if it weren’t so cold and dark and far away.

Alright, it may not be the best story ever but I’m counting it you guys! Sure, I hope I’ll witness an actual proposal some day, but this was exciting for me! And we got to hear about this couple from her friend and see how he was at least going to surprise her. So it counts.

I’m counting it.

And since I’ll be at Miami for three and a half more years, I’m sure I’ll witness at least one more similar to this relatively soon.