Must be smart. Must be familiar with the outdoors and have plenty of common sense. It’s not necessary to be multi-lingual or excessively knowledgeable about history–though it wouldn’t hurt. No degrees necessary. At the very least, one must be able to hold intelligent conversations and discuss the many wonders of the universe late at night.

Must be fun. Must laugh a lot and have good stories to tell. Must be able to make good of any given situation and see the positives in life–find the big picture. Must encourage adventures in foreign places, but also be able to find it in places as dull as Ohio.

Must be spontaneous. Must be able to let go of our over extensive planning every once in a while and encourage gut feelings. Must be ready for adventure at all times–ready to pack up and leave in the middle of the night when necessary. Must allow me to be the cautionary one sometimes… most of the time. Crazy is not required, but not necessarily discouraged either.

Must be curious. Must talk to the natives and search for hidden gems. Must step away from the guidebooks and tourist destinations and roam the land with me–must encourage and understand my tendency to wander.

Age/race/gender/etc. doesn’t matter. More than one may be accepted. Now taking applications.