Dear Reader,

I took some steps this week, and for once I felt like it wasn’t one step forward, two steps back. In fact, it was probably more like two steps back, one step forward, one step back, three steps forward, one step back, and then two more steps forward.

Maybe. I don’t know.

But I don’t really have any pictures worth showing this week. Most of them were either embarrassing selfies, pictures of snow, or funny text screenshots–none of which you need to see. And then I took a picture when I completed bucket list item #26, but you can just go to that page if you’re dying to see what it’s of (I promise you, though, it’s not worth it).

Anyway, I’m doing something different this week! I feel like I’m always doing something different, but this is in direct correlation with the post I wrote on Monday.

I’m going to set weekly goals! And acknowledge what goals I accomplished.

So during week eight I:

  • prioritized & downsized my workload
  • completed a bucket list item
  • stuck with what I gave up for lent
  • went completely out of my comfort zone and took a big step forward (as much detail as I’m willing to give at this point, but I’m sure I’ll elaborate in due time)

And in week nine I will:

  • finish a book
  • go to every class prepared
  • go to the rec twice
  • write 10 pages in my novel
  • write my weekly review on time

Well, thanks for sticking with me through this project! I’ll do my best to make the next 44 weeks worthwhile.



PS. Need a pick-me-up? Listen to this song 🙂



Hello dear reader,

Welcome to my corner of the library.


Yep, this is where I’ve been spending my nights. Don’t worry, I’m not having any roommate troubles, and I’m still sleeping plenty (I’ve actually been sleeping too much lately). But after work, I like to come up here and hang out and do my homework. I have to use the library’s computer charger (I lost/someone stole mine) and MAC 143 book anyway, so I stay here. It’s quiet, comfortable, and it means I don’t have to walk back to Brandon in the cold and dark.

Yeah, it’s been really cold here. But at least we’re getting snow again!


SO pretty.


I’m in a pretty big minority of people who actually like being out in this weather, but even I have to admit that it’s getting uncomfortably cold.

It also makes me sad that we have all this snow now, when I don’t think I’ve had a white Christmas in 5 years. I mean, come on Ohio. Get your act together.

It’s been another typical week at college, though. And I’m sticking with the theme of repeating the good and trying to forget about the bad. So here are some good snap shots from my week.

We got serenaded by the Pike boys, which was pretty hilarious.


I also got to hang out with some friends this weekend who didn’t rush. (Also, for anyone who is ever scared they’ll drift apart from friends who made the opposite decision than them regarding rush: it is ridiculously easy to remain friends. I mean, it’s comical. Anyone who loses friends because of rush probably had some underlying problems)

And then when I went to open this Monday, I was greeted by this wonderful note from my coworker Ellie.


It’s the little things. Like this picture I found on twitter that made me smile:


And this gem popped up on my timehop the other day. Please note that my brother spelt our last name wrong.


Also, I FINALLY updated my about page the other day! It may not be up to snuff with the ones I featured a few months ago, but it’s better than it used to be!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.17.04 AM

And then the rest of my week has looked like this:


Courtesy of MAC 143 and our first exam being tomorrow.

So that was my week, but that’s not all! I’ve become obsessed with so many things this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to share them with you all.

FIRST UP are my two new favorite instagrams:


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.18.05 AM

and Hotdudesreading

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.21.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.21.13 AM

WordPress isn’t letting me upload all the screenshots I want, but trust me on this. Follow them and enjoy.

I also watched this video that I couldn’t finish because I was in the library and didn’t want to cry in front of everyone.

I found this because the lovely Meghan shared this on her blog, Jump Rope (I sincerely hope you check her out–she’s awesome!) I have yet to finish it because I could feel the tears a comin, but it did inspire this tweet that I’m particularly proud of.

What’s that? You want another blog that I’m obsessed with? Well, alright. Allow me to introduce you to Celina (I’m assuming is her name). Each week until she turns 30, she is doing something new. From speed dating to bubble soccer (so jealous), and she budgets it all to keep under $1,000 as well as recounts each experience.

Seriously. Check her out.

Someone else that inspires me? Fun for Louis. If you haven’t heard of this man, SHAME ON YOU. Just kidding, but he is everything I aspire to be. Sooo… I’ll just leave this here.

Here’s another video of him made by another inspiration: Dan the Director

Also, some favorite songs:

And then here are the posts I wrote this week:

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya. I hope you catch a nice sunset and something makes you cry from laughter this week.



Dear Reader,

Wow. A long time it has been. I’m about halfway through week 6 as I’m writing this, but WOW these past weeks have been crazy busy. Sorry again for the lack of pictures, but let’s just get in there.

There are three major events that occurred during my fifth week of 2015:

#1: The beginning of rush. 

I am going to write an entirely separate post all about my rush experience sooner or later, but I will say these few things. First and foremost, I am SO happy where I am (no spoilers, you’ll learn in week 6).

Second, if you struggle with major self confidence issues, rush MAY NOT BE FOR YOU. Then again, a lot of things may just worsen your problem, so it’s best if you just get over it and learn to love yourself. And if you do so, please let me know how.

And lastly, much of what you hear about rush is true. It is the worst week (or two weekends, in my case) of your life. Cuts will hurt tremendously if you get too attached too quickly, which I’m so thankful didn’t happen to me (not the getting cut part–that definitely happened). People will judge you and your opinion MAY be persuaded if you listen to the wrong people. BUT if you go through with an open mind, be yourself, and choose a place that wants you just as much as you want it, you will find a home.

Sidenote that must be stated: sororities are not for everyone and they do not make or break your college experience. You are not better than anyone if you are in a sorority, nor are you more independent if you go without.

All, of course, will be followed up in a future post.

#2: Murder/Suicide at Miami University

The tragic story goes like this: a girl had just broken up with her boyfriend, and he was coming to see her. She knew this and called the cops, worried he might do something. They showed up and escorted him upstairs, where the pair talked everything out and the cops were eventually dismissed. The girl let him stay the night because he had drove so far. Then in the morning he shot her twice, and then himself.

My friend lives in the room directly below the girl’s and woke up to the shots, but because we live in Oxford, a seemingly safe community, she thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.

Now, many people woke up to this horrible news and feared for their friends at Level 27. I, on the other hand, was lucky enough to wake up to something else.

#3: The birth of my niece. 

On Sunday, February 1st at 1:02 AM, Molly Ann Cox was born, weighing 7 pounds, 10.8 ounces. She and my sister and the rest of my family are happy and healthy, and I am so fortunate.

But these two events happened on the same day. The tragic loss of Rebecca Eldemire, which shook the worlds of many. Think of her family, friends, and anyone who knew her or the man who shot her. And then those still living in that apartment complex, fully aware of what happened.

As well as everyone else in Oxford, a town safe enough for me to walk home at 3 in the morning from the library without so much as a second thought. Obviously that’s a different situation, but the people around us can hurt us–even those who may say they love us. And our lives are so fragile, they can be taken in an instant.

Although I never knew Rebecca, I pray that her family, friends, and loved ones make it through this tough time, just as I pray that people realize something. No, it’s not okay to compare anyone’s problems or successes or obstacles. But it is okay to realize when you’re taking something for granted. And many people take for granted how precious life is.

So on one day, I heard this heart-breaking story (as well as the concerns from my friend having to live directly below the scene of the crime), I got dropped from 9 sororities, and I was blessed with the birth of my first niece.

I don’t think I’ve made as distinct of a point as I wanted to make, but some things matter and some don’t, and it’s good to realize it and take every day as the gift it is.

Sorry for no pictures this week, wordpress wouldn’t let me upload any, and I wanted to take this post in a different direction anyway.

The one I upload on Thursday will be like the ones I posted before.

Have a wonderful, safe night everybody.