Dear Reader,

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop (surprise, surprise) across from my sister (another shocker), and–let me tell you–the coffee is not doing it’s job.

I’m blaming this more on the sun, though.

Maybe it’s because I’m a nap person–I tend to take at least (I know) one a day around noon on my living room couch, much like a cat who has their favorite spot on the windowsill so they can sleep in the sun. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a typically lethargic person.

Either way, it’s 3pm, I’ve downed my iced latte, and I’m exhausted.


But I’m writing because I’m still trying to write everyday and I have some updates. First of all, though I have been writing daily, I haven’t posted every day like I was planning on doing. Part of this is because some of my recent posts have been pretty self-deprecating and I hate when that content starts consuming my blog, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable sharing all of that. Sometimes it’s therapeutic and sometimes it’s really awful for my self esteem, but most of the time it’s just something that needs to keep private.

Also I kind of forgot that I said I was going to post every day in August–which is so typical of me and I hate it. But that’s part of what happened so I apologize. Mostly to myself I guess, because it’s not like I’ve offended anybody by not keeping my word.

Anyway, I feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of things this summer which, again, is very typical of me, considering I go back to school in about a week. But, of course, I’m finally writing consistently and journaling more often and watching a lot of movies that I’ve forgotten about but truly love (Easy A, She’s the Man).

Also, because I’m leaving in a week, I’ve been seeing all my doctors back to back. I felt pretty confident after nailing my eye doctor’s appointment (20/20 vision yo) but then I went to the dentist and found out I had four cavities and I cried. I even wrote a blog post about permanent damage and how I’m incapable of taking care of myself, but, again, that was pretty self-deprecating and ended on a dark note so it never saw the light of day. And then there was my main doctor which was extremely embarrassing but nothing new.

So that’s where I’m at right now. The new semester begins on the 29th and I have that gut feeling that I get when I know I’ve screwed something up, but I guess that happens when you burn bridges before you’re done crossing them.

Here’s to the new (school) year–and hopefully more blog posts.





Dear Reader,

Every time I sit down to write my week in review, something goes wrong–and it always seems to happen with the pictures. Either wordpress malfunctions and won’t let me upload them, or my phone won’t send them to my computer via iMessage or, most recently, my email account won’t open on my web browser. Then, I’ll try troubleshooting for about five minutes before giving up and telling myself I’ll go back to it later, but I’ll forget and then sometimes a week goes by and I haven’t written a thing.

So, I’m just going to give a few highlights from the past two weeks, and I’ll edit the post later to add all the snap chats and random pictures that’ll add a bit of clarification to this mess.(Keep in mind that I write all of these with the pictures sitting next to me, so a lot of this doesn’t make much sense quite yet. Oops).

First, I finally went to Beat the Clock with some friends:

And Green Beer Day happened, but I look gross in all the pictures, so enjoy this shot of my friend drinking from a wine glass that was bigger than her head:

I FaceTimed Sarah a lot while waiting to FINALLY see her again:

And then I went to her show choir competition where they placed 3rd overall and Sarah got the award of best female dance of everyone!

Oh and Pi Day happened and my tweet got 3 retweets and 14 favorites which was pretty cool (s/o to Jaden for noticing and sending me this screenshot):

And sometimes I take pics like this to let Sarah know that I know she was my sister first and will always be the realest (I’m wearing a Phi Mu hat but her sweatshirt–kind of hard to see):

And of course we were reunited this week:

So we had to send some snaps to my brother

who is obviously sad he’s missing out on our sibling bonding

OH AND IN OTHER NEWS: I’m an adult. When I was a sophomore, I lost a baby tooth, and I thought that was the end of it. But nope, this is the end.

My tooth broke off a bit in my mouth maybe a week ago and I went in on Monday to get a filling, but my dentist noticed that this was, in fact, my last baby tooth. (They had a good chuckle when I told them that I’m 18).

So, the nurse goes, “no filling?” and he turns to me and, in his booming voice, exclaims, “I’m not fixing this! I’m gonna numb you up and pull that sucker out!” Such a sensitive one, that one.

But no picture. Because that’s gross.

So that’s what’s been happening in my life. Hope everyone else is somewhere sunnier and warmer than where I am (it’s snowing right now).



PS. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire Hozier album if you haven’t done so already–Jackie and Wilson and Like Real People Do and Someone New are my current favorites (because it’s so hard to choose just one).


Dear Reader,

Hey remember a few weeks ago when I said that I had a really bad week but I wanted to focus on the good because I probably wouldn’t remember the little details if I recorded them? Well, this week was worse, so let’s do that again!

Good thing #1 of week six is this: I JOINED PHI MU!!!

phi mu

I’ve talked about rush a little bit here and there, and there will be an entirely separate post about it later, but I could not be happier to be a phi mu! I was really worried because I could see myself fitting in any of the last three sororities, but I couldn’t go to their last events because I was so sick on Saturday (one of the bad things, so we’re just going to skip over details).

But bid day was fantastic! I feel right at home and really lucky that I chose phi mu, because I fit in a lot more than I thought I would. And these girls are so friendly, and I’m already so inspired by a lot of them! I just can’t wait to see what my future will become with this amazing group of women. 🙂


Yeah and then the rest of my week definitely had good moments, but a lot of it was just really bad. It’s just crazy how much of a rollercoaster my emotions are on in college. I mean, I had some moments of true happiness this week, but then I would just think about something and I’d go right back down.

That’s actually what a lot of it was–just me in my own head. And the hardest part was that my computer was dead for a few days so I couldn’t write about it–not that I would necessarily blog about it, but I have a private journal that I’ve been writing in for seven years now, and it just helps me through things. I like writing for clarity. So it was just hard not having that this week when I really needed to sort stuff out. (I tried to on pen and paper but it was just not happening)

But I had some productive, though sleepless nights.


And I checked off another item on my bucket list because of it! (I watched the sunrise, but the best pictures I took were still when it was pretty dark out so here ya go)

unnamed unnamed-1unnamed-2

And I’ve decided I want to dye my hair blue! So either this


Or this


So yeah. Big things are happening here in Ohio. There’s always something to look forward to.




Dear Reader,

I went through a lot this week, mentally and emotionally. But upon reflection, I’ve realized how great it actually turned out, and how even the bad things had silver linings. And the wonderful thing about this project is that I get to give the highlights, and I get to really look at the good in my life and share it. And I’m confident that when I look back on this post, I won’t even remember the bad. And I think that’s wonderful.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights from my third week of 2015:

It started off really well when I reached 200 followers on my blog. The feeling I got from it is pretty remarkable and I ended up making an entire post about it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.15.09 PM

Then it was the two-year anniversary of when I got my driver’s license, which is kind of fun to reflect upon. Also kind of not fun, considering I’ve had my fair share of mistakes. But, hey, here’s to continuous learning! (Also this pic is from last year, I can’t get to the one I took this year at the moment, whoops) 

Photo on 1-12-14 at 11.45 PM #3

I also started using a website Opinion Outpost, which pays people for their opinions. It’s not like I’m going to make hundreds of dollars off this site, but I have decided to put every penny I earn from it into my fund for future travels, which is just exciting to think about.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.07.43 PM

This week I also accomplished a lot that I couldn’t take pictures of. I (finally!) finished my work training. I shared some more of my writing on WordPress and continued to be surprised with the overwhelming support that I receive. The comments I received this week were so shocking and heartwarming. I can’t even begin to explain how much they mean to me.

I also learned some new songs on the piano, including Piano Man by Billy Joel, and I continued to work on my 2015 bucket list. It can be discouraging sometimes, knowing that it’s been 21 days and I’ve yet to cross a single item off, but it’s because I’m working on the long-term ones; the empty shelf challenge and writing my novels and learning new words and completing sudoku puzzles. But I know it’ll all payoff in the end.

But I don’t have any pictures of those, which was kind of the point of this project. But you know what I do have pictures of? THE WORST MOVIE EVER.


Seriously, I decided to watch a drama/comedy that starred Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman and got a 6.6 on IMDb–not too bad, right? Baby Mama has a 6.1 and I love that movie!

But what I got was this dull story of a not-so-lovable character, who was part of the weirdest couple ever and fighting a mid-life crisis. It’s called Take this Waltz and I just don’t get it. Actually, I knew about 30 minutes in that I would not like it, but I decided to just power through and amuse myself simultaneously with trivial activities, like learning how to draw (#8 on my bucket list) and writing out the lyrics to Billy Joe’s Piano Man.


I also captioned the movie and sent snapchats to my sister. Most of them are pretty inappropriate (yes, the movie was surprisingly graphic at suddenly random moments), but I can post at least these:




But we can’t end on that awful movie. No, I saved the best for last. This has been one of my favorite weekends, and I spent it at home.

Yes, I love my school and I’ve never been homesick in my life, but something was different this weekend. Maybe it was because a lot of my family was in town, or the fact that we got to see my sister dance, but it was truly wonderful. And my sister is adorable.


She’s 17, but just look at her!


And I love watching her dance. I’m so proud of everything she’s done–how far she’s come since she started. I actually find myself bragging about her sometimes. I mean, just in this showcase she was in 2 tap routines, 1 contemporary duet, 1 jazz, and 1 hip hop. She was almost primarily front row and she was killing it. I haven’t admitted this to her, or anyone, yet, but I actually got a bit choked up during her duet–which just so happens to be to a song I consider my anthem: Medicine by Daughter.

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed, but here are some of my favorites from her years past. 

IMG_2829 DSC_3474 IMG_2832

And I love my sister, but the rest of my family is pretty stinking cute too (father and brother not pictured).

IMG_0189 IMG_0198

Maybe just the girls are cute.


Sarah and I also took this picture as we were driving around (well, before. Selfies & driving are not safe, kids.) and I realized that this is basically the third recreation of it.


IMG_0186 IMG_0185

I guess we’ll have to keep it up next year.

Songs I listened to: 

There were so many that I wanted to mention, so I just made an entirely separate post about it (as you can find below)

Posts I wrote:


Dear Reader,

You know those weeks where you just have to set everything aside and buckle down to get some work done?

Yeah that was my week.

I worked from open until close twice this week and logged over 20 hours in the four days we were open. Outside of that I worked out, dealt with kind of a personal matter and made progress on my online journalism class–including writing four essays for it in a week (with another one due tonight).

So, my daily pictures got progressively lamer as the days went on. And it doesn’t help that every time I try to use the camera on my phone outside in this weather, my phone will die. Without fail. It doesn’t matter if I have 70% battery left, it’ll die.

But, I will share some of the pictures I managed to capture this week. (Reminder: I said they’re pretty lame).


How I feel on the days I work from open until close.


My first skinny vanilla latte–I like!


My friend took my order at the cafe, so I guess I’m Jorge now?


This picture (obviously) doesn’t do it justice but my other friend made me the best sandwich I’ve had from Miami thus far. Kudos, Jordan.


Friday nights get pretty crazy in college, as you can see here. This is taken on my friend’s bed of our insomnia cookies and Netflix, with Friends on the screen.

There’s the real truth about college, kids.

My sister texted me on a day when her high school closed and asked me if we still had snow here at Miami. I sent her this (blurry) picture. 😦


Then my phone died.

And, lastly, my favorite thing about closing: free brownies.


There you have it. Not every week can be exciting, I suppose, but at least this one wasn’t a waste! I’ve been making really good progress on my 2015 bucket list–particularly finishing my 2014 sudoku puzzles, learning how to do the splits and finishing a rough draft for one of my novels!

Not a bad week, though the pictures might not prove it.


Posts I wrote:

Songs I’m listening to:

  • Lips by Marian Hill
  • Firelight by Jourdan Myers
  • Firefly by Ed Sheeran
  • Mission Bells by Matt Nathanson
  • I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha

WEEK 1: J-Term, Cockroaches, and Getting Locked Out

My Week in Pictures (I’d like to think I got better as the week progressed)


I finished Gilmore Girls, but I didn’t really like the ending! I think it all just happened too soon.


I also read, ate general tso chicken, wrote a blog post and a journal entry, and foundout that I will be receiving a new roommate second semester–something I was not prepared for, but decided to go in with low expectations and an open mind.

But no pictures to show, sorry.


Today I finally got myself a good pair of running shoes!


Then I reviewed Bossypants and finished It’s Kind of a Funny Story (oops, I need to review that soon). I also worked out and just hung out with family today.

I hope I get better at this.


My last day at home, and possibly my laziest. Well, at first.

Up until about 5pm, all I did was read and bug Sarah and eat and bake cookies and play the piano. Oh, and I shared a lyric essay and got surprisingly good feedback on it! Another wonderful thing about this website.

Then, my sister and mom and I decided to go shopping at an outdoor mall (Fallen Timbers), where I indulged in some major retail therapy.




We came home afterward and I introduced Sarah to American Pie and Blue Mountain State (such a good sister, right?). Then we binge-watched a few SourceFed videos–I had forgotten how much I love them all.

Sidenote: I now realize how lame all these pictures are. I mean, this isn’t really a photo journal at all, it seems. But I’ll just have to get better. And hopefully it’ll be easier as taking pictures becomes more a part of my daily routine.


Today just dragged on. I was supposed to get to Miami and be unpacked and everything just before 2, and it turned out to be about 5.

But I did get to stop at my sister’s house and see her adorable finished nursery!



Then I had dinner with Amanda and went to bed around 8 because I was so tired. That was very new for me.



So, I’m at Miami in a hall that’s practically deserted (only a very small number of people come for the extra term they offer in January). Yeah, last night was spooky with all the creaky noises coming from wind and who knows what else, but there are definitely perks. I mean, I get my favorite shower any time I like, right?


Because today I woke up and walked into the bathroom around 9, got into the shower, pulled the curtain shut, and was just about to turn the water on, when I look up and see the biggest cockroach ever.

I screamed.

Then I took pictures.

IMG_0063 IMG_0064

So, because I’m not a huge fan of bugs (really though, who is?), I went into the stall farthest away and took a seven minute shower–which is especially fast considering I was constantly stepping out of the water to look up and over the other showers to keep an eye on this nuisance.

But it started moving towards me so I practically ran out of the bathroom, conditioner still in hair, and into the safe place of my room. But how many more of them are there? And if they got in the bathroom, can they get in here?

Ugh, I really can’t think about it too much.

Then I went to my 5 1/2 shift at work. In the 7 1/2 hours we were open, we had 100 customers. Including the lunch rush.

Yeah, pretty dull day. But I got to work out and work on my journalism class, which was actually fun!

Oh, and I got a parfait from Scoreboard! (A nearby market)


I missed them so much.



This morning was not bad. I had work at 10, but I woke up at 6, feeling fully rested, and got a ton of stuff done–I worked out and cleaned my room and wrote a blog post! Then I went to work, which wasn’t anything special, but it was fine.

And it had snowed! So I’m walking back, listening to Pandora and snapping pictures of the snow:

IMG_0078 IMG_0074

But, no exaggeration, ten feet away from the door to my building, my phone dies. At 60%. Annoying, but whatever I’m almost home.

So I walk up to the door and tap my ID card, and it just beeps at me, and the door remains locked. I tried all three doors at least three times, but nothing. Then I waited outside for a solid twenty minutes and didn’t see a single soul–downsides of J-term and a deserted campus.

And because my phone was dead, I couldn’t call the number for assistance or even text anyone inside to let me in. So I walked back to the library, repeating the memorized number as I went, got on Facebook and messaged a guy in my hall. Luckily, he responded quickly and let me back into the building, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if he wasn’t there.

Don’t you just hate it when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong?

After that, my day went fine. I continued to get a lot done (I cleaned and organized my desk!)


and I got this weird, but humorous, text from my father.


I’m just glad that incident didn’t ruin my entire day.


Today I basically worked the entire day. I opened at 7AM, and had this view for 5 hours:

IMG_0089Bur I was at the cafe until 3:30 working on training.

Afterwards, I came home and got 100% on my quiz, which kind of made my day because these quizzes kept tripping me up before!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.22.18 AM

Then, this was my night in a picture:


Oh, and Jack Frost came!


So, that was my week. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of these, and they won’t be so long in the future. But, to be honest, these are mostly for my own purpose. I mean, I really don’t care who sees these (and I don’t know anyone who would care to see them). It’s just a nice way for me to keep track of 2015 before yet another year flies by.

Posts I wrote:

Songs I’m listening to:

  • Traum by CRO
  • Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer
  • You’re the One That I Want by Lo-Fang
  • Long Way Down by Robert DeLong
  • What I Wouldn’t Do – Serena Ryder
  • Too F*cked Up To Call by 2AM Club

Day 21: Thank YOU!!!

Dear Reader,

Yes, I know, this is super corny to be ending my “21 days of thanks” by thanking you, the reader! But I need to. So just bear with me.

I started this blog almost six months ago because I was bored. And because my life was boring. I literally started out by saying: I have nothing to write about because nothing exciting ever happens to me. Maybe that’ll change if I start writing to random people on the internet.

Well that didn’t happen. Nothing remarkable has happened to me yet because of this, and honestly, none of my posts have been amazing. I haven’t really told any cool stories or had any crazy encounters since starting out on wordpress, but I’ve found something more.

WordPress is a place where I can turn to now. I feel like I actually know some of the people on here. I feel like they actually care. Every like and comment makes me feel better–makes me feel like a part of this community. And I’m so thankful to be here.

Now, I’m nowhere near internet fame (not that I ever intend to be), but this month I hit 100 followers. 100 people get notified, in a sense, when I decide to use this website as an outlet. Because of this website, my voice can be heard–or, at least, I can feel like I’m being heard. Which is more than I could ask for.

I’ve been talking about inspiration a lot these past 21 days. It’s because I’m constantly being inspired by everything around me. My friends inspire me to be better, my teachers inspire me to be like them, my sister inspires me to be myself. John and Carrie inspire me to pursue my dreams and Disney inspires me to stay a kid.

Well WordPress inspires me to do more.

When I first started, I would just write and respond to comments and maybe look at a few posts here and there. This month, though, I’ve been reading. I’ve been learning about the people on here. And it’s wonderful.

I’m inspired to learn and travel and teach and give back and be with my family and make more friends and live. Every blog, every person, every post reminds me of all the other people on this planet who are doing things every day. Some typical, some extraordinary.

But I want to join.

I don’t know exactly what the future has in store for me, but I can say that I will be posting on here a lot more. But not daily. I’m done with the post-a-day technique and I can say that it’s not for me. After all, how am I going to get anything done if I spend each day on my computer?

But thank you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for following me, if you do. Thank you for inspiring me.

I hope you stick around.



PS. Listen to this song: Dead Air – CHVRCHES