Dear Reader,

I know: what a morbid thing to title my first blog post after a ten month hiatus. But it’s really not that serious.

Starting this blog four years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It forced me to write and share and allowed me to connect with others. Most importantly, it gave me a place to collect my thoughts as I grew through the years. I definitely wasn’t consistent, and I was often over dramatic, but I’m glad I tried this thing out for a while.

That being said, there’s an expiration date on this chapter of my life: December 2018. In six months I’ll be graduating and looking for a teaching job and, though I don’t have anything incriminating on this site, it’d probably be best if I delete the whole thing.

Still, I have six months left! And even though I haven’t even logged on in the past year, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’ve been keeping other journals here and there and I think I have some stuff I might want to share before I say goodbye.

Plus (for some odd reason) I’m still getting new followers! I’m really not sure why but there have been some new users checking out this blog (in the past month especially). So hi to everyone, old and new. I hope you stick around for a bit.

Let’s see what the last few months will hold.