Dear Reader,

The week has finally come to a close and I’m very sad about it. I’ve gotten pretty used to the routine that we have here, and I don’t know how well I’ll do transitioning back into real life (not to mention going back to school).

Basically each morning, we all wake up and take our time to recover from the night before and plan out our day while making breakfast and watching TV. This morning we made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs and watched Trainwreck before starting our day.

It was pretty overcast, but we obviously had to spend our last day on the beach. We built a sandcastle, tossed the football around for a little bit, and Paige and I went tried bodysurfing once again because the waves were crazy.

By this point it was already 5 and we had decided we wanted to see Batman vs. Superman tonight so we all got ready as dinner was being made (burgers with fries and barbecue chips).

And then we saw the movie.

Paige is a huge DC fan and has been highly anticipating this movie for two years, so it was extremely entertaining to sit next to her during it. I, on the other hand, have never seen a Superman or Batman film, so I was pretty lost.

Still, I really enjoyed the movie (even though I found specific parts to be confusing and sporadic) and it was even better coming back and listening to Paige as she Googled things that happened and helped connect the dots and make predictions for the next movies that are going to come next in this franchise.


And now I sit here at midnight with my bags packed next to me, already dreading the trip back to Ohio that awaits me in five hours.

Thanks for following me on this adventure. Maybe I’ll do another one of these for my next trip.

Until then,