Dear Reader,

It stormed in Gulf Shores today, which was actually really cool to watch from our condo on the beach. At first it was even cool to watch while we were sitting on the balcony, but then the wind picked up and the thunder and lightning got more and more intense, so we moved inside where we could watch the rain pouring down the windows and freeze whenever the lights would turn off.

Because of the weather, though, we really didn’t do that much today. Mostly people just recovered from last night (where these lovely photos were taken)




and tried to rest before Nav’s 21st birthday celebration at midnight.

For the people who are 21 and over, this means going to the Flora Bama Bar (the bar that’s on the border between Florida and Alabama), and for the unders, this means night swimming in the rain.

I think we both win here.

So anyway, the day was mostly spent watching episodes of Drunk History, Workaholics, and Futurama, and playing card games in between.

Paige and I decided to leave the condo once today and head to the beach so we could get some fresh air (and I could take a picture for my photo a day).

I took these gems

And she took these


I don’t think we’re really capable of taking cute candids, but she did get this one, which I rather like.


Then we saw a kid walking on the beach and asked him to take a picture of us. So, after capturing this beautiful candid,


he snapped some of us.

 Then we headed back upstairs, just in time for dinner (stir fry tonight–have I mentioned how much I love the food here?), and here I sit typing up all of this before the night unfolds.

Until tomorrow, friends.





Dear Reader,

Remember when I said I had two concerns for this Spring Break?

Well the one just blew up in all of our faces.

I completely understand what it’s like to deal with your own issues without anyone else knowing. I know what it’s like to have family stuff on your mind while everyone else is having a good time, and I understand how it feels to be constantly drawn back to the grim reality when no one around you seems to have any idea what’s going on.

And I know how I see everyone else in that kind of scenario. I know what it’s like to be oversensitive and I’ve been in the situation where I’ve blown thingsĀ out of proportions.

But in that situation, you have to put everything in perspective. You have to realize when you’re in the wrong and when something you’re doing is an overreaction.

Today was a great day. We went go-karting


and then to the arcade. We hung out on the beach and went body-surfing. We had Zaxby’s for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner. We hung out and played some more games and even met up with the other alpha sigs later tonight.

It was a great day overall. And when I look back at this day, I’ll remember it as just that.

But there were two very intense screaming matches. There were harsh words thrown out that can’t be taken back. There were even tears shed.

Because I guess it’s impossible to have a single day go by without there being some kind of drama.

But now it’s late and I just want to sleep and all I’m thinking about right now is the fact that we got tickets to Lolla and I’ll get to see G Eazy and J. Cole and Lana Del Ray and so many other sweet headliners in just a few months.

Life is good.

Despite some of these setbacks and pity outbreaks, life is good.