Dear Reader,

In the past twenty four hours, I got sunburnt and one of our own got arrested.

It’s sad that neither of these things are really that surprising.

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, Gulf Shores has had a ridiculous number of arrests in the past two weeks. The police have no sympathy for underage spring breakers who think that the same rules apply here as they do in their college towns.

Still, I really feel for the guy who got arrested (he’s a part of the bigger group, so not my immediate group, specifically). He has a bit of a history–he’s been arrested before at home but was able to get off with things like community service, but he just tends to be a bit of a liability when he drinks.

So people had some concerns with him coming along and made a few comments, but they still let him join when a last-minute cancellation was made on Thursday (the day before they left). And then on Saturday morning, he found out that his ex-girlfriend (my friend Paige) is also coming along.

Their history and breakup is not one I’m about to get into, but the guy’s still pretty bitter.

Still, he didn’t go and get blacked on Saturday out of anger or spite. Instead, he decided to go to his friends’  house, but when two of the guys he came with got too drunk, he went out with them to hail a cab. Instead, a cop rolled up with their lights on. He tried to walk back up to the house, but the cop burst out screaming, “You don’t move!”

Then she arrested him.

And with all of the craziness that is spring break and the long process of arresting and processing a person, he didn’t get picked up until 2:30 today. (And then they had to drive the hour and a half back to the condo).

So I can see why he was pretty pissed.


As for my sunburn–well I put on SPF 30 this morning, so I’m pretty pissed too.

But all in all, my day was pretty great today. The weather was windy and cloudy and actually pretty cold, but it’s only supposed to get better from here (which I think is a theme of the week). Plus, the highlight of my day was the people I got to spend it with.


All of the guys in the house are no longer strangers and are all super funny and nice–two standup qualities, I would say. Then I met some people from the other group (which is just short of 30 people) and there are definitely some characters.

Great stories are coming out of this trip.

I almost met a TON of Phi Mus today. I found out the other group of girls lives two buildings down and when we were meeting up today, we saw a group of people taking super Tumblr-type pictures of them candidly laughing in the sand throwing the quat with each other. We didn’t introduce ourselves, though, because they were all perfect and intimidating and we didn’t want to interrupt their beachy photo shoot.

Then when we went to the other beach, a group of girls from Atlanta came up to us and told us they were Phi Mus too, so we danced with their speakers and laughed as they yelled “Roll Tide” in the offbeats of just about every country song.

THEN a group of girls came up to our huge group and were begging for a bandaid because one of them cut their toe on a seashell, when they saw Paige and I wearing our letters and said, “oh my gosh we’re Phi Mus too!!!” They were from LSU and seemed extremely excited to find some fellow sisters (lol) on Spring Break.

I wish we had a bandaid to give them.

So today was a pretty good day, and it seems like it’ll only get better from here.

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.