Dear Reader,

This last week has been one of the most stressful yet, and so I took the weekend to just relax and make some good choices. (Relatively) It might not have been the most productive, but I think it was much needed.

We’ll deal with the repercussions later.

I got a little this week and she’s a sarcastic little shit that I love a lot. We bonded over our love of Always Sunny in Philadelphia as well as Vine and Twitter. I found out she loves Kanye just as much as I do, and I ended up making that into our big-little shirts–which she loved and we both got mad compliments on so not too bad for making them on Friday morning.


On Saturday we had our date party and I once again had the opportunity to go out in a t-shirt and leggings because our theme was “PJ party.” And because I took a friend from high school who I didn’t have to worry about impressing, I didn’t opt for the beloved Victoria Secret robes or short dress-type sleep shirts with phrases like “invitation only” written in cursive. Instead, I went to wal-mart and picked up some Bud Light slippers, matched them with my D.A.R.E shirt from 2007, put my hair in braids, slapped on a sleep mask, and called it a night.

It was beautiful.

I also have been listening to Macklemore’s album on repeat this weekend because I’m in love with it and I decided to rewatch the Office but when I got to the season 2 finale I was so sad about the shitstorm that was about to hit Jim and Pam that I decided to skip ahead a few seasons and watch their wedding episode(s).

Many tears have been shed this weekend.

Oh! And I might do a completely different post about this but I finished listening to “Ready Player One” on Audible (great book by the way) and I’ve discovered how much I love audiobooks. At least when I have headphones, that is. I seem to have lost mine this week (which is the WORST), but when I had them I would listen to the book everywhere I walked–in between classes, walking around the dorm doing laundry, when I went to the gym and decided to try running. Audiobooks make me feel extremely productive and like a multi-tasking champion so 10/10 would recommend.

Let me know if there are any books I should download next. 

So yeah, that was my weekend–the good parts at least. Why recap on the bad?

No, we’re focusing on the good because that’s what made this weekend.

And as far as I want to remember, it was one for the books. 




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