We all like to think that we’re destined for great things.

We all see our future as brighter than our present

and we long for the days to come

because we like to think that they’re better than the days we’re having now.

I mean

we certainly don’t think they’ll be worse.


How can they be worse?

But we look to the future with dumb optimism.

We see things better than reality

because we compare ourselves to people we can’t become.

We see ourselves as better than average.

We all do.

But that, in itself, is flawed.

We cannot all be above average.

It is impossible.

And I’m starting to realize

more and more

how unfortunately average I am.

And I don’t know how to be okay with it

because I was raised to believe I was better.


6 thoughts on “LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS

  1. rebbit7 says:

    Late-night thoughts, indeed! To add, I have discovered that we late-teens/twenty-something-year-olds tend to be more idealists than realists, possibly due to the uncertainty with our futures in college and afterwards. With that uncertainty comes many possibilities, many opportunities to be taken, and so we idealize (or “dream”) of better outcomes than not. Not a bad mindset, but always good to balance it out with some realism. Food for thought!

    • sincerelysammy says:

      I definitely see that logic. I believe many of us were raised to be dreamers so when we see the unknown future before us, we see an abundance of opportunities, like you said. And yes that can be great, but it also tends to hurt worse when reality sets in. Thank you for you comment, as always! xx

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