Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, I found out about the website “Lulu.com” and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner. So I’m sharing it with all of you.

Lulu is a company that allows you to self publish books and ebooks. You can sell your work through their website and others, but that’s not quite what I’m intending to do.

I started a novel last spring and wrote like crazy for almost three weeks, managing to rack up almost 26,000 words. And then I just kind of stopped. I planned on working on it over the summer, but I kind of forgot about it. And I thought about finishing it up and revising it like crazy and then get serious about getting it published. Maybe I’d look for an agent or start going to writing conventions, I don’t know.

But then I remembered why I wrote it in the first place. I feel like a broken record, but I write for clarity. I take things that happen in my life and try to make sense of them. And last winter, I started feeling really sad. I felt ultimately alone, and I found myself easily aggravated at the few people who I constantly found myself around. And all I wanted to know was why. Why was I, a privileged girl from the suburbs who has the world at her fingertips, feeling depressed?

So I sought out therapy (you can read more about that in my recent post here), but it didn’t help like I thought it would. Then again, I might’ve had unrealistic expectations since I thought there was no way possible that he would actually think I was depressed. Even didn’t think it.

And then more stuff happened and I started to feel better, which made me think it was just seasonal, but then it got worse, which just made me feel helpless, really.

So I started writing a book.

A new book.

I started with a character that I largely based off of myself. She was a freshman in college, at a college very similar to Miami, and she was sad for seemingly no reason. But then the story started writing itself, and the girl suddenly wasn’t me anymore. It was a girl who had a traumatic experience, went through multiple therapists, and finally found one who she trusted–someone who actually understood her. And she fell in love.

So it was no longer my story, but it still helped me to write it. I still related to her, sure, and I loved finally working on something that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It was my own therapy, in a way.

And now I’m back at school, and it’s weird. I have so many good memories from last year, but I had so many bad thoughts as well. And I’ll listen to my playlist from J-Term and feel overwhelmingly sad again. Just because the music will bring me back to that place in my life.

So, long story short, I suppose, I’m going to finish this book and I’m going to publish it using Lulu. I’m going to have a hard copy of something I created, and I’m going to see my own name in print.

I’m going to have this goal I’m working towards–a goal that I so desperately want to reach. Not because I have dreams of being rich and famous and seeing my name in bookstores and signing over rights for the movie version. But because of the whole reason I like writing in the first place–it helps.

So these big dreams can be put on hold momentarily. I’m helping myself first.





4 thoughts on “I’M WRITING A BOOK (LULU.COM)

  1. rebbit7 says:

    That sounds amazing! I am happy that you found a venue for self-publishing. I would be super interested in reading your work, once you finish it. Good luck!

  2. Kaily says:

    Firstly, that’s freaking awesome that you are writing a book! I’ve always wanted to but all I get are short stories, lol. Secondly……….. if your playlist makes you sad then delete it. NO JOKE. I struggled for yearsssssssssssssssssssssss with depression. One of the biggest issues for me was LOOKING for things to be depressed about. I would intentionally think about / watch / listen to things that I knew would make me sad and just let them soak me in. Music was/is one of the most powerful things to do that to me. I don’t listen to ANYTHING that makes me sad and it helps sooo much. Maybe I read wayyyyyyyyyy into that, haha. If so, sorry for the rant, but it kinda stood out to me.

    • sincerelysammy says:

      Thanks! And that’s actually really good advice, but it makes me sad that I’ve ruined these songs for myself in a way. Especially since a lot of it is like Hozier and Tom Odell–and it’s not like the songs are necessarily sad on their own, but my experiences that go along with them have kind of tainted them, I guess. But I definitely have done that before with music, because you’re right–it IS extremely powerful and sometimes I feel like wallowing and crying or whatever, but that’s not going to help me at all. But I am definitely going to take your advice and delete the playlist because, at the least, I really can’t listen to all of these songs in their order. And then maybe one day I’ll be able to create new, better memories for them. But thank you so much for your comment and your advice! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

      • Kaily says:

        I know, it’s hard to let go of songs that are really good. But nothing is worth being sucked into that vortex of sad! You’ll find new good ones 🙂

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