Dear Reader,

If we were having coffee, I would probably spend the first twenty minutes ranting about my computer. I’d tell you how it was working fine, and was almost fully charged, when the log-in screen froze. I’d explain that I shut it down and didn’t touch it for two hours, and when I turned it back on, there was a flashing folder icon with a question mark on it. I then took it to Shriver’s IT Tech place, and found out that there is a very good chance I could lose everything.

I’d tell you that I have pictures on there and pieces I’ve written that are irreplaceable. I’d explain that I’ve kept a journal on a word document since the sixth grade, and I’d admit how scared I am that it might now be gone.

Then I’d probably have to change the subject because it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

So I’d tell you about my spring break. How it was really relaxing and I got to see some really good friends of mine that I’ve really missed. I’d explain why my phone was dead for the majority of break, but I’d tell you how much I actually liked being disconnected for a while. How good it felt to have no responsibilities, and just be able to watch episodes of Chuck and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

I’d ask you how your spring break went, of course, and if you went somewhere warm or exciting I’d tell you how jealous I am of you, and beg you to bring me along with you next time. I’d tell you how it snowed one day in Perrysburg.

I’d probably share some of my favorite things with you, if we were having coffee. I’d say, “You know who I’ve been obsessed with recently?” and you’d ask “who?” and I’d say “Hozier.” Then I’d talk about how amazing his full album is and how his Pandora is always on point.

I’d also lend you Jenny Lawson’s memoir, which I just finished today. I’d probably pull it out and read you the whole chapter titled, “And That’s Why You Should Pick Your Battles,” because it’s the best chapter in the whole book. I’d explain how I write down quotes from the books that I read to put in a jar and reflect upon, come 2016, and I’d tell you that there are probably 20 from this book going in there. I’d tell you how embarrassed I would get when I read it in public because it made me laugh out loud so much.

“Speaking of books!” I’d say. “Have you seen all these Youtubers coming out with books all of a sudden?!” We’d talk about how weird it is that 18-year-olds are writing memoirs and their life stories, but we’d both probably agree that we’d eventually read the ones by Carrie Hope Fletcher, Connor Franta, Shane Dawson, Tanya Burr, Dan & Phil, Mamrie, and Shay’s. Then we’d complain about how expensive books can be and how poor we are.

I’d tell you all of this if we were having coffee, but I’d probably have to cut our get-together short because I have two papers due tomorrow that I have yet to complete. You’d wish me luck on the long night I have ahead of me and I’d promise to text you sometime next week to schedule another date. We’d agree that we need to have more of these.





5 thoughts on “WEEK 13: IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE…

  1. Random Musings and Wanderlust says:

    I can feel your computer angst, I had a computer die in December, thought I’d lost everything I had ever written on it. Was able to be salvaged from a friend who is a computer wiz…only to be at the same place this week where the harddrive is not found.
    I’m going to have to check out the Kimmy Schmidt show and the memoir you mentioned. Also, Hozier is just superb in my opinion. As for the youtubers writing life memoirs at 18….I don’t know who they are, but I can say at 40, I’m still living my memoirs lol.
    Thanks for the coffee, good luck on the papers, and see you next week!! 🙂

    • sincerelysammy says:

      Oh my gosh your computer story scares me! I hope everything’s okay now. You really should check out the show and book–and report back! I’m sure you’ll love them, since you seem to have great taste (I’m listening to Hozier as we speak). And the reason why I started thinking about all the Youtubers is because last week I watched a video of JennxPenn, who I think is 18, and her book is coming out this fall. Same with Connor Franta, but I think he’s 21 now. Still, 40 is a perfectly reasonable age to still be living them–I’m 18 and if I were told to write my life story, I might have enough for a chapter. Maybe, haha
      I enjoyed this chat. Thank you for having coffee with me. 🙂

      • Random Musings and Wanderlust says:

        Haha my computer story scares me too! I will definitely let you know what I think of them. A chapter at 18 is a great start, you don’t want to finish or fill up the book too quickly, enjoy the pages and chapters as they come along. 🙂

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