WEEK 1: J-Term, Cockroaches, and Getting Locked Out

My Week in Pictures (I’d like to think I got better as the week progressed)


I finished Gilmore Girls, but I didn’t really like the ending! I think it all just happened too soon.


I also read, ate general tso chicken, wrote a blog post and a journal entry, and foundout that I will be receiving a new roommate second semester–something I was not prepared for, but decided to go in with low expectations and an open mind.

But no pictures to show, sorry.


Today I finally got myself a good pair of running shoes!


Then I reviewed Bossypants and finished It’s Kind of a Funny Story (oops, I need to review that soon). I also worked out and just hung out with family today.

I hope I get better at this.


My last day at home, and possibly my laziest. Well, at first.

Up until about 5pm, all I did was read and bug Sarah and eat and bake cookies and play the piano. Oh, and I shared a lyric essay and got surprisingly good feedback on it! Another wonderful thing about this website.

Then, my sister and mom and I decided to go shopping at an outdoor mall (Fallen Timbers), where I indulged in some major retail therapy.




We came home afterward and I introduced Sarah to American Pie and Blue Mountain State (such a good sister, right?). Then we binge-watched a few SourceFed videos–I had forgotten how much I love them all.

Sidenote: I now realize how lame all these pictures are. I mean, this isn’t really a photo journal at all, it seems. But I’ll just have to get better. And hopefully it’ll be easier as taking pictures becomes more a part of my daily routine.


Today just dragged on. I was supposed to get to Miami and be unpacked and everything just before 2, and it turned out to be about 5.

But I did get to stop at my sister’s house and see her adorable finished nursery!



Then I had dinner with Amanda and went to bed around 8 because I was so tired. That was very new for me.



So, I’m at Miami in a hall that’s practically deserted (only a very small number of people come for the extra term they offer in January). Yeah, last night was spooky with all the creaky noises coming from wind and who knows what else, but there are definitely perks. I mean, I get my favorite shower any time I like, right?


Because today I woke up and walked into the bathroom around 9, got into the shower, pulled the curtain shut, and was just about to turn the water on, when I look up and see the biggest cockroach ever.

I screamed.

Then I took pictures.

IMG_0063 IMG_0064

So, because I’m not a huge fan of bugs (really though, who is?), I went into the stall farthest away and took a seven minute shower–which is especially fast considering I was constantly stepping out of the water to look up and over the other showers to keep an eye on this nuisance.

But it started moving towards me so I practically ran out of the bathroom, conditioner still in hair, and into the safe place of my room. But how many more of them are there? And if they got in the bathroom, can they get in here?

Ugh, I really can’t think about it too much.

Then I went to my 5 1/2 shift at work. In the 7 1/2 hours we were open, we had 100 customers. Including the lunch rush.

Yeah, pretty dull day. But I got to work out and work on my journalism class, which was actually fun!

Oh, and I got a parfait from Scoreboard! (A nearby market)


I missed them so much.



This morning was not bad. I had work at 10, but I woke up at 6, feeling fully rested, and got a ton of stuff done–I worked out and cleaned my room and wrote a blog post! Then I went to work, which wasn’t anything special, but it was fine.

And it had snowed! So I’m walking back, listening to Pandora and snapping pictures of the snow:

IMG_0078 IMG_0074

But, no exaggeration, ten feet away from the door to my building, my phone dies. At 60%. Annoying, but whatever I’m almost home.

So I walk up to the door and tap my ID card, and it just beeps at me, and the door remains locked. I tried all three doors at least three times, but nothing. Then I waited outside for a solid twenty minutes and didn’t see a single soul–downsides of J-term and a deserted campus.

And because my phone was dead, I couldn’t call the number for assistance or even text anyone inside to let me in. So I walked back to the library, repeating the memorized number as I went, got on Facebook and messaged a guy in my hall. Luckily, he responded quickly and let me back into the building, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if he wasn’t there.

Don’t you just hate it when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong?

After that, my day went fine. I continued to get a lot done (I cleaned and organized my desk!)


and I got this weird, but humorous, text from my father.


I’m just glad that incident didn’t ruin my entire day.


Today I basically worked the entire day. I opened at 7AM, and had this view for 5 hours:

IMG_0089Bur I was at the cafe until 3:30 working on training.

Afterwards, I came home and got 100% on my quiz, which kind of made my day because these quizzes kept tripping me up before!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.22.18 AM

Then, this was my night in a picture:


Oh, and Jack Frost came!


So, that was my week. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of these, and they won’t be so long in the future. But, to be honest, these are mostly for my own purpose. I mean, I really don’t care who sees these (and I don’t know anyone who would care to see them). It’s just a nice way for me to keep track of 2015 before yet another year flies by.

Posts I wrote:

Songs I’m listening to:

  • Traum by CRO
  • Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer
  • You’re the One That I Want by Lo-Fang
  • Long Way Down by Robert DeLong
  • What I Wouldn’t Do – Serena Ryder
  • Too F*cked Up To Call by 2AM Club