Dear Reader,

I don’t know that this post is necessary to write because I don’t know that there are any people who truly follow and keep up with what I post on this website, but on the off chance that there are, I thought this update was called for.

My first semester classes are all wrapped up–finals week is over. And for one final, I was supposed to publish a piece I had written. I could choose anything I wrote for the class, and there was a long list of publications where I could submit my work, but I decided not to do it. My professor allowed me to turn in a “mock” query letter and submission, but I never sent it out anywhere.

When it came down to it, I wasn’t confident in anything I had written. I couldn’t see my writing in any magazines or literary journals. My lyric essay wasn’t even done yet–and I don’t know that it ever will be. At least in the near future. The subject I picked is an ongoing struggle I face, and there’s no end in sight as far as I’m concerned.

As for my personal essay, I didn’t think it fit any of the publications. My writing isn’t mature, and I felt that this story just wasn’t worth telling quite yet. Who cares about the inner battle I fought during my senior year in high school?

But I had worked hard on it–writing, editing, re-writing, revising. And I was at least somewhat proud of the piece. At the very least, it helped me come to terms with how I truly felt that year, and I’m glad I finally have that story–the true story–written down.

And I decided to share it.

I’ve been sharing more of my writing on here, and even though this one tops 1,000 words, I thought why not? I’m not writing any other posts today. Why not put this out here? 

It’s not a publication–it’s not even a submission–but it’s a step. I shared my work and now it’s out there. It’s a minor victory, but a victory nonetheless.

And that’s the story. That’s the explanation for my seemingly out-of-place post yesterday. If you want, you can read it here, on my blog, where my work will remain until either my confidence or writing improves to a point where I feel comfortable submitting my work.

Maybe that day isn’t as far off as I once thought.



PS. I’m truly loving Luck by The American Authors right now.