Dear Reader,

I was on tumblr the other day and I found this video. It’s has almost 7 million views so there’s a good chance you’ve seen it, but it’s fifteen minutes long so there’s a good chance you haven’t.

We all know why the viral videos always last a minute or two–people don’t have the patience or the time to sit at their computer for more than even four minutes sometimes. But I promise you: if you watch this video you won’t be disappointed. It’s hilarious, but it’s always important.

So, please, enjoy:



PS. Surprise throwback song!


4 thoughts on “WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.

  1. Atherz097 says:

    I’m starting to like John Oliver. The way he provides information is clear, yet fast paced and humorous. Very persuasive as well. I should study his techniques.

    As for Miss America, that organization really is.. weird, now that I heard his argument. “Construction of the head”, haha.

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