Dear Reader,

Well I’m kind of over this whole daily posting craze that some people seem to adore. That being said, I do owe four days of thanks, so let’s just dive in.

Perrysburg High School & PENTA

Over the summer, I got the amazing opportunity to go to San Antonio for a national leadership conference (I actually wrote a post about it). It was for an organization called FCCLA and I was eligible because I had advanced to nationals in a competition, run by FCCLA. The only reason I was even able to go, though, is because of the support coming from my school and my teacher, Mr. Weaver.

At the end of the trip, we were all supposed to write thank you letters to our school, but I never did. With the stress from my jobs and college fast approaching, and because no one else from my school had gone, I just never got around to it–which sucks because it would’ve taken me thirty minutes tops and my school really deserves to be recognized and thanked for everything they’ve done for me.

But, I’m Sammy. I procrastinate and things slip my mind and before I know it, it’s much too late and I’ve left too much unsaid, yet again.

Perrysburg High School: Thank you so much for allowing me to go on this trip and supporting our participation with FCCLA in the first place! The conference taught me much more than I ever expected. I got to see the beautiful city of San Antonio while improving my public speaking and presentation skills and stepping out of my comfort zone to make a truly memorable trip. FCCLA definitely made the highlight reel of my senior year, and I can’t express how thankful I am that I got to go to a school that did everything in their power to push their students towards excellence.

PENTA/Anthony Wayne: I was sad and scared to hear that no one else from Perrysburg advanced to the final round of the competition, but the trip turned out to be better than anything I imagined. The students and staff from PENTA and Anthony Wayne were so friendly and welcoming, I never felt like an outsider. I made some of the best memories of the summer on that trip, and that’s because of the people I was fortunate enough to be grouped with. Thank you for everything.

Everyone Who Gave Me A Birthday Card

This is so bad. I turned eighteen over a month ago and I still haven’t sent out a single thank you card. They’re on their way! But I obviously can’t go this whole post without thanking them. When you’re in college every penny, every piece of mail, every text message from someone who cares, means something. And this year I had the best birthday ever. I can’t thank everyone personally (this post is already much too long), but to anyone who even thought of me on my birthday: I truly appreciate it. It’s a great feeling to be cared for. And to anyone who sent me a card or gift: proper thanks are on the way. 🙂

Jaden Northcutt

I don’t know if I’ve made it all that clear, but I am possibly the worst roommate on the planet, and Jaden’s had to put up with it. In her words, I’m basically a guy. I’m messy and sloppy and I have the worst sleep habits and I belch and do other annoying things. But Jaden tolerates it and she makes me want to change because she really doesn’t deserve to room with such a slob. And she’s still my best friend, and we’re going to remain that way even after rooming together. We may never be roommates again, but after we’ve survived, we’ll have proved everyone wrong who ever said this arrangement would destroy our friendship.

Ashley Shaffner

Speaking of best friends, I really do need to thank my newest one: Ashley. She’s made my transition to college so much easier and it’s only hard to remember the pre-Ashley days. We have so much fun together and she listens to me vent all the time and is always there for me. We just had this instant connection when we met and I can’t express how thankful I am that we ended up living down the hall from each other.

Sidenote: Ashley is on WordPress! I’d highly suggest following her 🙂

So there are my thank yous and I’m sorry for being so late with them all. You can expect another tomorrow, but don’t expect me ever doing a post-a-day project thing ever again because I’m kind of done with it.

It’s a nice thought, though.



PS. I LOVE BEA MILLER and you should to. Current favorite: Young Blood