Dear Reader,

I went home this weekend to spend a few days with my parents, sister, and Aunt. We started talking about my future (expected), when my Aunt said, “You should start a blog!”

Not expected.

My first instinct was to laugh and say, “Actually, I have one!” But I hesitated, thank goodness. Sarah and I shared a look across the table right before my dad could jump in and say “you don’t want to start a blog.”

It’s not that I wasn’t expecting this response from my father (I do know him, after all), I guess I just wasn’t expecting his reasoning. “You have nothing to blog about,” perhaps or “Why would you spend time on a blog when you could be studying or working towards your future?”

But what I got was this: You don’t want to start a blog. You’ll put your name and your face out on the internet and then someone, somewhere, will make a comment or capitalize on an insecurity, and it’ll always be there.

I guess I had never thought of that, but I also know that my dad isn’t very aware of the blogging world. And, well, why would he be?

He sees the internet as a judgmental place–which it can be. He thinks I should be cautious about what I put on the internet and share with the world–which I should. But I shouldn’t be afraid.

I know that these posts are not the best pieces of writing I’ve produced. I also know that they’re not quite the true me. The true me–the me that shines through my personal journal entries–curses like a sailor and can rant for ten pages. The WordPress me tries very hard to keep her posts under 1,000 words (under 500 is fantastic) and keeps in mind that these words are representative of me and will be here forever.

But I’ve never been afraid to post.

And, actually, WordPress has been turned into such a strong support system. The people on here have never said a rude word to me (granted, I’m probably not “big enough” for haters) and have actually helped me through tough times in college, helped me realize I’m not alone in anything, and have just been here, really.

WordPress is a place I turn to when I want to feel heard.

I can rant and share things I like and contemplate late night thoughts, and someone, somewhere reads it! And I read other peoples’ observations of life and feel a little more part of a community.

The people on here have liked and commented on things I have written. They’ve nominated me for Lovely Blog and Liebster awards. They’ve reached out and let me know I have someone to turn to if times ever get tough.

And here is a place where I can be that person for someone else in return.

So I guess it just caught me off guard how wrong my father was. Starting a blog was an impulsive decision I made a few months ago in a dark bedroom when I simply having trouble sleeping.

But it’s slowly turning into one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



PS. Song of the day: Papaoutai – Pentatonix ft. Lindsey Stirling (Stromae Cover) 


2 thoughts on ““YOU SHOULD START A BLOG”

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    I don’t post pictures because I know how judgmental people can be.

    But I’m not afraid to post any words or anything like that.

    • sammyneiswander says:

      It’s kind of sad how true that is. I mean, words are mirrors to our souls and can show our true selves. Yet, people tend to judge others on appearances and often comment on that first.
      I understand what you mean, though. And either way, I’m glad you’re not afraid to post–I love your blog!

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