Dear Reader,

Well it’s after midnight, but today has been crazy busy because it’s the first time I’m back home!! So I’m allowing myself to count this as day 2 still because I can do that. Another thank you note will be up later today (much later).

So this one is to my parents. I really don’t thank them enough, and that’s a true shame. We don’t have the best relationship, and I will have to apologize for all the trouble I cause until the day I die, but that doesn’t change any of the facts. No matter how long it takes for them to come around, my parents always end up supporting me throughout all of my decisions.

They allowed me to join every sport under the sun and explore all interests from music to writing to anything and everything imaginable. They’ve funded all of my ridiculous ambitions and helped fuel my passion for travel. From New York City to London to Paris to San Antonio. They taught me the importance of getting a good education–they’re paying for my college. That alone is something I will forever be grateful for. Something I’ll never be able to repay. They taught me the importance of family and I know that, no matter where we stand, I can always turn to them.

I’m truly thankful for my upbringing.



PS. I love Fall Out Boy. I love Panic! At the Disco. I love mashups. Therefore, I love this perfect song which combines Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging and This is Gospel. Enjoy!