Dear Reader,

Quick timeline: Sammy hears over and over that college is hard and first semester (more or less) sucks. She understands but decides it will be different for her. Sammy goes to college. It is not different. Sammy gets sad. Sincerely Sammy quickly fills with sad posts written in a dark, depressing dorm room. Sammy decides that for one week at least she will only write about things that make her happy. Said decision is successful.

I know I don’t write that much, but my last five entries have all had one central theme: happiness. Despite the many times where I wanted to just vent and get down on myself for wasting away my days and being a slob (among other things), I turned to things that made me happy. Lists, pictures, videos, advice. Because here’s the thing: it’s so easy to dissect your life and pick it apart until it’s apparent that it’s falling apart–but it’s just as easy to pick one thing that makes you happy, sit down and write about it, and then share it with others.

Now, I’m not saying the rest of my entries are going to be me saying, “life is wonderful! Here’s why you should smile!” It’s still helpful for me to get the bad thoughts out of my head–and could be equally helpful for people to read and take as advice. So if you actually follow me consistently (which, in that case, wow! I didn’t know anyone did that besides maybe Marissa or Kassara): yes, you may be seeing more posts about me learning hard life lessons or describing why I hate being photographed, but you’ll still get the happy ones!

I guess my point is that there needs to be a balance. When I first came to college, post after post was like “this is hard. Here’s why I feel sucky all the time.” So I did a 360 and started saying, “I’m going to choose happiness and you should too! Here’s how!” But now I’m just going to have a better variety.

So I’m writing this entry to announce that this happy overload is over, but not gone for good. After all, I’d say it was pretty successful.




2 thoughts on “HAPPY SUCCESS

  1. Atherz097 says:

    Hi there! Focusing on the happy stuff helps sometimes, nice call for deciding to do that. However, I find it funny that you said that you did a 360, because wouldn’t you still be going the same direction? 😛

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